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Monday, March 9, 2015


Our next stop: Albert Centre. Unlike the other locations, not much information about Albert Centre can be found online or in written text. Hence this is our opportunity to interview and explore the place in greater detail. We believe that Albert Centre has a colorful history, just like the other locations we planned for the trail. 

We managed to interview a shopkeeper, Mrs. Chai, who has been working in Albert Centre since its early days. She has been selling footwear for the past 50 years. 

In the interview, she explains how Albert Centre was like in the past, sharing her many years of experience being a shopkeeper. She also shared the situation she and the other shopkeepers has experienced when dealing with change over the years.

It has been a fruitful time listening to her experience as shopkeeper in Albert Centre and understanding how much the place has changed over the years that still retains the feeling of nostalgia of the old days. 

Though we visited Albert Centre on a crowded time, we managed to observe our surroundings and see the overall layout and designs that can be seen around the building. 

 Take a good look at the pattern on the walls. Jeremy suggested that these patterns resemble a lot like the patterns found in Buddhist places of worship or have any Buddhist influences. 

As the group and I made our way down to the wet market section of Albert Centre, we took the time to interview a pair of butchers, and like the aforementioned shopkeeper from earlier, they shared their experiences working in their stall for many years. The butchers shared that the (wet) market was not as organized as it is now where stalls, regardless of what they sell were all situated in between each other. Now, stalls selling vegetables will be in one section, and stalls selling poultry selling their goods in another section.

All of us in awe at the fact that the butchers have been in the business for many years, more than we've imagined and contemplating at the fact that the vibrant atmosphere in wet markets like this one has been diminishing over the years. We have to admit: things aren't the same as it was before. 

But the butchers seemed to be content with the way things are now and are able to share their story to us young folks (and  to some not-so-young folks. Sorry, Jeremy.) Now, I led the rest of the group to our next destinations: Guan Im Temple and Sri Krishnan Temple. ~ Jia Hui

Us leaving Albert Centre triumphantly as we make our way to our next destinations: Guan Im Temple and the Sri Krishnan Temple. Killing two birds with one stone. Oh yeah~

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