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Monday, March 9, 2015

#10 Dance Ensemble Singapore AND #11 Singapore Calligraphy Society

A few buildings down, was Dance Ensemble Singapore and Singapore Calligraphy Society.  These two buildings help to preserve Chinese heritage and culture. The structure of the building itself had 'Chinese' elements to it.

Exterior of Dance Ensemble Singapore

Exterior of Singapore Calligraphy Centre
Dance Ensemble Singapore was set up not too long ago in 1993 use to conduct dance workshops, dance rehearsals and dance performances. We wanted to take a look inside and interview some people however there was a dance rehearsal and no one was free at the time of our visit thus we decided to just take a group photo. Furthermore, we were also rushing for time.

Group shot!

On the other hand Singapore Calligraphy Society used to be pre war bungalow home. The society has been conducting calligraphy classes since 1974 and in 1995 the centre was established with findings from government.

Our models posing in front of the building


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