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Monday, March 9, 2015


Oral Interview #1: Albert Mall- Madam Chai 

Video Credits: Ni Swen

This first video is about Madam Chai, who sells footwear for a living in Albert Centre for about 5 decades. She shares some knowledge with us about the history and business in Albert Centre before and after the renovation and her experience working in Albert Centre, particularly on how she got started at a precariously young age. She also talks about the demographics of customers she gets these days, with mainly the elderly, Malaysians and regular customers visiting the stores to purchase items.

Oral Interview #2: Albert Mall Wet Market- Butchers

Video Credits: Ni Swen

This second video is about an elderly couple working as butchers for a long time in the Albert Mall wet market. We managed to ask them some questions on their lives as butchers and the condition of Albert Mall pre-renovation. They took their time to explain how the wet market was like in its early days, with the stores uncategorized and different stores placed side by side no matter what sort of items are being sold.  

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