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Monday, March 9, 2015



Kiriel (left), Jeremy (centre) and Jeriel (right)
Kiriel: Papa! Where are we going?

Jeremy: To explore Prinsep and Selegie?

Kiriel: What's that?

Jeremy: Some interesting place? (Kiriel gives an 
unconvincing look)

Jeriel: bow bow! (Carry)

Jeriel (Left), Jeremy (Centre) and Kiriel (Right)



Jeremy: Kiriel! Pose a picture for Papa's Project!

Kiriel: Gives an uninterested look! (Looks at a group of girls
            walking pass)

Jeremy: ....... (Just snap!)

Lynette (Jeremy's wife): So what's this? Thought you did

Jeremy: (Give the unexpected look as this place was not 
               as part of the trip) (Gives a cool look)
               I will tell you later!  

Research Findings:

Prinsep Street Church was founded by Rev Benjamin Peach Keasberry (1811-1875), a missionary from the London Missionary Society (LMS), to fulfil his calling from God to preach the Gospel to the Malays and Chinese Population while other missionaries were going towards China.

Initially, this church built on Prinsep Street (used to be known as Kampong Bencoolen) had its focus on preaching to the Malay Community as designated by LMS but changed its directives to that of appealing to the Straits Chinese after the English Presbyterian Mission took over from LMS. Rev. J.A.B Cook took over the leadership.

The Boys' Brigade movement in Singapore was founded by this church by Mr James Milner Fraser, an old boy of the 23rd Aberdeen Company and an ex-officer of the 23th London Company. The Boys Brigade 1st Singapore Company in the Straits Chinese Church was founded together with the other pioneer members from the 1st Swatow Company.

The Church was rebuilt in 1930 with the foundation stone laid by Song Ong Siang, who became the first Straits Chinese to be knighted by the English Crown. The notable characteristics of the church are its deep red bricks and raised brickwork on the tower and belfry. The church joined the Synod of the English Presbyterian and was renames the Straits Chinese Presbyterian Church.

The Post WWII years saw a fall in the Straits Chinese congregation and was renamed the Prinsep Street Church in 1956. As credited for the founding of the Boys Brigade movement, the church was preserved by the Preservation of Monuments Board as a National Monument on 12 January 2000.

adapted from Prinsep Street Church Website

- Jeremy

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