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Monday, March 9, 2015

#8 Sculpture Square AND #9 Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

After spending a short while to survey Stamford Arts Centre, we decided to proceed on with our trail as we have many more locations to cover. Our next stop was Sculpture Square which was just 2 minutes walk from our current location.

Sculpture Square is another location that has witnessed a long history. It is a visual arts centre which features mainly 3-D works done by new and experienced artists. It has played an important role in the growing of local visual arts scene since 1999. Dated all the way back to 1870, this building was firstly known to the locals as Middle Road Church, a Christian Institute. It then got replaced as Methodist Girl's School followed by Baba Malay Methodist Church (the first) and then May Bloom Restaurant (Chinese restaurant during Japanese Occupation). It was a pity that the building was not open during the weekends which is why we could not take a look inside.
Trying our best to imitate the roof for our group photo

Just the usual sharing by tour guide and the forever attentive group members

Continuing with our trail we made a move to Singapore Council of Women's Organisation (SCWO) which is situated alongside Singapore Calligraphy Society and Dance Ensemble Singapore. SCWO, was established on November 1978 which aims to merge the various women's organisation present. We did not enter the building as we rushing for time and some of its facilities were already closed. Services includes a thrift shop, cafĂ©, shelters and more.

I've actually visited their thrift shop once and they have a wide selection of items for sale that are reasonably priced. On top of that, the prices will be slashed by 50% for all students shopping on Tuesday. All the proceeds will go towards Star Shelter and SCWO Initiatives.

Jeremy capturing a photo of the organisation name
Even though  we did not manage to enter the building we did manage to take a group picture in front of the famous mural  painting. The mural, painted by women from NAFA and elsewhere were part of the International Women's Day celebration.

The famous mural painting

It's uplifting to know that an organisation seeking for women's equality was established which provides a platform for our (women) voices to be heard.

Off we go to our next location!

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